Paystack: First Interactions

3 min readFeb 2, 2017

[ insert Paystack’s address here]

1st of February 2017, on this day Google maps failed me. Maybe because it was my first time but it was pretty hard to find and the street mapping was so confusing. I walked for about 30 mins. After struggling to find the street, the number was also difficult to find. Finally, I saw some security guards.

Me: Good morning, please where is 22a?
Guard: I dont know o, ask the other guy or just walk down
Me: *walks down*
Me: Good morning: please where is 22a?
Other Guard: There’s no 22a here o. its only 22. but there are two 22’s, office and residential. where are you going to?
Me: The office?
Other Guard: Okay it’s here, the other 22 is at the back.
Me: Thank you

Paystack and AwonPaystack

I walk in and there’s only one door. And it’s quite confusing because I’m not sure if I’m in the right place. It’s 11:30am and I’m not sure if I should use the only door I can see or if I should wait outside because I’m “early”, but there are no chairs outside so i take a bold step of faith and I open the door.
I can finally see the old Paystack logo and I let out a sigh of relief.

The white paint is “welcoming”. it kinda makes you want to be creative. I love the random pictures and framed quotes or vitamins hanging on the wall.
Love the color and arrangement of the seats. Love the wallpapers too.

Love everything.

The people here are friendly and welcoming. Everyone is a unique personality and it is quite interesting.
So yesterday I met Raphel the office guy, Ope the design guy , Seun boy and Seun girl who are both finance people. Seike and Biola in customer care and operations, Loknan the engineering guy and Ezra, Co-founder.
Ope looked different from what I imagined, I thought he’d be lanky. But nope, Big guy.
Everyone is chill and I like that.


There are three of us, Tomi, Bobby(nope not bobrisky) and I.
We had no problem becoming friendly with each other. We bonded over music and other random things while waiting for Ope because we are design interns. Tomi has a nice playlist.
Finally, Ope arrives and we are all engaged in small talk and thereafter we move to the conference room

For about a minute I hated my laptop. Slow and heavy, and definitely not winning any race :(

Conference room

In the conference room, we (interns) were Briefed on how the first 3 weeks of our internship will be. Ope will give us the curriculum by Monday.
We were given a very small task to emphasize our week one topic which is “design thinking”, which only showed that we do have a lot to learn. Ope told us to design a microwave app. We had 10 minutes to do so and he’d design something and we work together as a group do the same.
Results: Interns 0 — Ope 1

Music session

There’s this really cool speaker In the conference room. Ope asked each of us for our current favorite song and he played it out loud. I had to give a warning for mine because it’s K-pop.
But he loved it and played it for Ezra too. Tomi also liked it.
I was happy because most people are not receptive when it comes to anything Korean. Ope has a very lovely playlist.

Ope left later on and we were working, gisting and doing other random stuff till we decided it was time to go home.

It was a great day.

Sitting in the bus now and I’m smiling because it was a great day.

First day in Paystack and I loved it. Loved everything.